About us
Who we are, why we exist and what we do

Many rural communities experience problems with isolation, loneliness and difficulty accessing services. Lanark is a community rich in history, that is creative, resilient and has showed time and time again that we know how to work together to make incredible things happen. We know that Lanark is a very caring community and we are aware of the challenges and difficulties that our community is facing during this COVID-19 pandemic, we want to support and help and have created a community response group for Lanark.

The Lanark Community Response Group has been established by a variety of community groups. It will endeavour to give our community access to the most up to date information, to bring together community groups and local charitable organisations and to allow us to best coordinate our response in a structured way, making the best use of resources, volunteers time and expertise and ensuring that we are delivering vital support to those who need it.

Rainbow Church, a painting of St Nicholas Church by Vicki Fraser